I have been invited to participate in the podcast eDU-podden, a podcast on current themes within higher education, to talk about games, play and learning.

The first episode talks a bit more concretely about game-based learning (GBL) and play-based learning. We discuss using video games in the classroom and gamification of education. I also use dogs to illustrate the challenges of defining “game”.

We had so much to talk about that we made a second episode, focusing more on game and play theories.

Listen to me babbling about playfulness and balloons on eDU-podden 🙂

These two episodes are in English, although the podcast is usually in Norwegian.


2 thoughts on “Podcast episodes on GBL

  1. I am also a PhD candidate in interested in playful learning and I came across with your papers while reading. I think that you have done really great job . Who knows maybe we can work together later ☺️


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