carolicrHi everyone!

My name is Caroline Cruaud and I am currently working as an associate professor in the Unit for Digitalisation and Education (eDU) of the University of South-Eastern Norway (USN).

I have a PhD from the Department of Education of the University of Oslo (Norway) on the topic of gamification of education entitled ‘The playful frame: design and use of a gamified application for foreign language learning’. In my PhD I developed a framework based on play theories and the concept of frame, to design and analyse play situations in a classroom context. I designed an app for French-as-a-foreign-language and investigated how it was used by Norwegian high school students and their teachers.

My main research focus is on playful learning and covers areas such as game-based learning, design-based research, and the process of designing tools for learning, especially within foreign language learning and teaching. But I am also interested in all sorts of innovative and alternative ways of learning and teaching: for example makerspaces or design thinking.

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Presentations (selected)

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